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Service Process

Written Translation

一. Customer send an offer:

The customer send offer through meeting, telephone, email or other ways including the following information: language, types of documents, contents, applications, quantity, delivery time, etc.    

二. Quotation
World-linking offers quotation list based on the information offered by the customer and both parties will negotiate a final price.
三. Sign contract
Both parties reach an agreement through meeting, telephone or email and discuss about the details of the service, then sign a translation contract while making the advance payment for the project.
三. Preparation
The customer makes the advance payment and sends the documents for translation through email or fax. We will identify the translator and organize a special group for the translation according to types of the documents. During the translation process, we will keep communication with the customer on some difficult terms in order to ensure the quality of the translation.   
四. Translation Delivery
The customer will pay the remained payment according to the contract and we will send the translation completed to customer after receiving the payment. The customer shall check the accuracy of the translation and will inform us if any revision needed.
五. Issue of invoice
The invoice can be issued on site if the customer wants to pay on site. The invoice can be sent to customers in others regions through express and the customer should inform us title of the invoice and their address to which the invoice is sent.


一. Enquiry from Customer 
The customer send the offer through email or telephone to us on the requirements of the interpretation they need, including language, type of interpretation, contents of  the interpretation, date of interpretation,etc.
二. Quotation and Solution offered by us
We will respond to the offer with the solution and the quotation.
三. Confirm the intent of customer
Both parties will discuss via telephone, email or meeting the details of the project and sign Interpretation Contract if an agreement is reached.
四. Preparation
The customer makes the advance payment and offer information on the background of the interpretation and we designated interpreter to complete the tasks.
五. Communication with customers
Communicate with customer on the comments of the interpreter and any adjustment of the interpretation time.
六. Completion of the project





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